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How You Earn FREE Gift Cards

  • Participate in Daily Surveys
  • Watch Video Promos
  • Browse & Explore Websites
  • Redeem for FREE Gift Cards!

How Does It Work?

Lift A Gift enables people like yourself to earn rewards for the things you already do online. Lift A Gift will award you with "Lift Points" for taking surveys and watching videos. The best part is, there is never any cost to our members for being a part of our program.

You can earn points each and every day for participating in daily surveys, watching videos, exploring websites, and more. Lift Points credit to your account within 1 hour after you complete an activity.

International Members Welcome!
Lift-A-Gift offers free gift cards for paid online surveys to these countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia

Alright, How Do I Get Gift Cards?

This is the best part of LiftAGift! You earned your Lift Points completing surveys and watching videos. Now, what do you do with all these points? EASY! Visit the "Redeem Rewards" page. It's located in the menu.

Redeem your Lift Points for PayPal or a gift card to, starting at 100,000 points for $5. Wait, you think 100,000 lift points will take forever to earn? Nope! Each daily survey is worth at least 10,000 points. This means you have the potential to redeem your points every day if you're able to qualify for every survey, and do your daily video views and website browsing offers.

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